Non-Denominational Minister for Non-Traditional Wedding Ceremonies
Q. Why choose a non-denominational minister?

A. Many couples today do not have a church home, but still want to have a wedding that reflects their spiritual beliefs. A non-denominational minister can work together with the couple to create a ceremony that fulfills their wishes and addresses their individual spiritual and religious needs. A non-denominational minister offers couples a spiritual alternative to a civil ceremony.


Q. How much do you charge?

A. Fees start at $250 for a standard non-denominational ceremony in Ocean and Monmouth counties and $50 extra for a rehearsal. Fees for personalized services vary depending upon the wishes of the couple.


Q. Why do couples choose you over other officiants?

A. I believe that a wedding solely belongs to the bride and the groom. As long as their wishes don't violate local, state or federal laws, I will leave the wedding plans to the couple's discretion. You don't have to ask for permission to have something in your wedding. All traditions and religious customs are equally welcome. This is your day. Let's do it your way.



©2004 Rev. Camille Thomas